Credit report

It is a professional assessment of the company 's performance, revealing company's potential and risks, showing i'ts past experiences and revealing future prospects.

Official data from reliable sources
Data collection is done on daily basis and updated daily only from official and reliable data sources: Register of Legal Entities, Court Administration, SODRA, Register of Property Seizures, Regitra and others. The service is provided 24/7.
Standardized insights and forecasts
Report includes credit limit, company's value calculated using the excess return method, and two scores: credit score predicting the probability of bankruptcy within 12 months, and COVID-19 impact score, which shows the impact of the pandemic on company's operations and its future continuity.
Credit history
Debts to the State and business entities, seizures of property, data on the company's participation in legal disputes, and many more are updated daily. Registered users of the platform can not only warn their debtors about intolerable delays in payment but also make this data public to business community free of charge.
Professional approach
Credit report is a product of our partner SCORIFY - a company of profesionals in credit risk assessment and artificial intelligence. More more about Scorify at

Why it is usefull?

Saves your time
Don’t waste time collecting data from various sources. We will daily collect the newest information from all official and reliable sources and deliver it in a form that is convenient for you.
Identifies customer growth
Leverage your customers' growth to increase your sales potential. The success of your customers can help to grow your business as well.
Decreases your losses
Assessing your new and existing business partners, their financial discipline, and credit history help not only to reduce risk but also to maintain a healthy balance in your business.
You control the situation
Knowing the financial capacity of a business partner enables you to plan your activity and business development more effectively.

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Tai mūsų partnerio, kredito rizikos vertinimo bei dirbtinio intelekto profesionalų bendrovės SCORIFY produktas. Plačiau apie Scorify skaitykite

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