Disclosure of debtors

Our goal - is to make accessible data, which allows you to assess financial capacity, solvency, or risk of business partners, and, if necessary, to publish debt data of a company that avoids paying in a timely manner.

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Debtor's data disclosing service is provided only to registered users of Okredo platform. Join us! Registration is free of charge.


Securely identify yourself as manager of the company

Identify yourself using mobile signature or registered Smart-ID. More about Smart-ID.


Debtor's data to disclose

Prepare the following data: debtor's company ID, name, date, and amount of debt. If debt consists of several unpaid bills - you can combine this data and disclose it as one debt. In this case, the debt date should be the same as the oldest unpaid invoice.


Notice to debtor

If you would like to notify your debtor about the disclosure of debt data on Okredo platform, please enter e-mail address indebted company. The notice will be sent automatically. If the debtor will pay the debt within three days and you will update the data on our platform immediately - the debt data will not be disclosed.


Debt disclosure

Please note, that if you will enter the debtor's email, the debt will be disclosed to the public only after 3 days. If you fill not enter the email, the notification will not be sent to the debtor and the debt data will be disclosed on the platform immediately.


The debtor pays

If the debtor partially pays the debt, please update the data on our platform by entering the unpaid amount of debt. If the debt is fully paid, then please enter the rest of debt as 0 EUR.



Don’t forget to keep in touch with your debtors, assess their solvency and in case of payment - update debt data on Okredo platform.

You can upload debtor's data to Okredo platform by API.

Why it is usefull?

Transparency in business

By disclosing debtors' data, we will increase transparency in business, strengthen trust between companies and help to avoid major insolvencies.

An alternative to debt collection

The service of debtors disclosing is free of charge and an effective way to make public those companies that avoid paying in a timely manner. Debtors' data on Okredo platform is not closed and is accessible to all registered users.

Cash flow regulation

The faster you get your money back, the more effectively you can manage your business, plan the investments and growth.
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