Now Okredo users can provide their bank account data and get a report with insights and analysis prepared by artificial intelligence. Share the insight report with your creditors, business partners, show growth of your business and build the trust.

With the user's consent, bank statement data will be transferred to the system manageded by UAB "Scorify", where artificial intelligence processes the data and generates an insight report.
The insights report will be stored and displayed in the profile of Okredo user.
This data you can share on Okredo platform:
  • Change in income;
  • Change in customers;
  • Taxes paid;

Why it is useful?

More accurate assessment
Providing bank statements to creditors and business partners ensures a better access to credit, more flexible partnerships and more sustainable business development.
Data based decisions
The insights that we will provide allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your cash flow and will help to take rational decisions.
A higher speed
Don't waste time collecting information. We will prepare your bank account report within few minutes and store it in a convenient pdf format in your user profile on Okredo platform.
Business transparency
Opening data about yourself builds trust in you and your business.
Premium membership
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