Wondering how State Tax Inspectorate assess your business?

The STI customer profile is a face of your company in the eyes of tax authorities. Check whether you look as a trustworthy and responsible business, find out whether the tax authorities sees risks that could trigger control actions and, of course, reduce them! A positive assessment of your company will also help you to earn the trust of your partners

Data assessed by STI:
  • The accountant
  • Employees
  • Deregistration from VAT payers initiated by STI
  • Court restrictions on a company representative's taking up a leading positions
  • Applications for VAT registration
  • Submission of compulsory declarations
  • Timely submission of declarations
  • Minimum criteria for a reliable taxpayer
  • Tax arrears
  • Tax arrears within 12 months from company establishment date
  • Tax arrears collected by bailiff
  • Delays in payment of tax
  • Requests for deferral of tax arrears
  • Execution of tax loan agreements
  • Initiated tax debt collection from bank account
  • Submission of financial account to state registers
Any questions?
To register on https://finpass.eu/, please contact [email protected]. For data on your personal VMI customer profile, please call 1882 (+370 5 260 5060), and press „4“.
Suggestions and comments on the STI customer profile - by email [email protected].
Why is this useful?
The tax administrator's assessment allows you to identify your business strengths and weaknesses and quickly react to emerging risks.
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