1. General platform user rules

General policy rules of open data platform www.okredo.com (hereinafter - Okredo) (hereinafter - the Rules) are dedicated to establishing the procedures of how should information, provided by Okredo should be used or how information can be delivered and updated on Okredo platform. The rules are applied to all Okredo users.

  • Okredo delivers all open data needed to assess legal entities. Solutions made by experts are free of charge: automatically calculated automatic credit limit, credit score, company's value, financial ratios.
  • The controller of data provided by Okredo is UAB "Okredo".
  • The user decides the level of information and the account needed (become a registered user or not).
  • Okredo user agrees that Okredo may contact him using the contact data provided by the user, send a newsletter or introduce new services.
  • Okredo user uses Okredo data only with a legitimate interest.
  • Those who provide contact information to Okredo are responsible for its accuracy and agree that this information will be disclosed to the public.
  • Data provided by Okredo is collected from official and verified sources: State Enterprise Centre of Registers, state tax inspectorate, State Social Insurance Fund SODRA, UAB “SCORIFY” and others.
  • Okredo is responsible for ensuring that the data collected, stored, and provided on the platform matches the data provided by the primary data source.
  • The user must use Okredo data for his personal needs. It is forbidden to use data provided by Okredo to build other data systems or platforms and to provide it to third parties.
  • It is forbidden to copy or otherwise publicly distribute the data provided by Okredo without the written permission of the owner of Okredo. If the user violates the terms of data use provided in the Rules, Okredo has the right to block the user and the IP address from which the user connected to Okredo.
  • The user agrees to indemnify Okredo for any damage caused by illegal use of the Okredo platform and services in violation of the Rules.
  • All names, logos, and trademarks of Okredo services are owned by Okredo or its affiliates and subsidiaries and may only be used with Okredo's prior permission.
  • All texts, graphics, icons, software, etc. is owned by Okredo or Okredo's partners and is protected by copyright law and other related laws.
  • Unauthorized copying, distribution, or a public offering of Okredo services or portions thereof violates copyright laws and may result in criminal and civil penalties.
  • The user should keep username and password secret and may not disclose them to others. The user is responsible for all activities performed using his username and password.
  • The user must immediately inform Okredo of any illegal use of username and password.
  • Okredo reserves the right to transfer its rights and obligations to third parties at any time without the prior consent of the user.
  • Okredo reserves the right to close a user's account if it has not been active for more than 12 months.
  • The Rules are subject to change without prior notice. The rules are reviewed when Okredo starts providing additional information or services, as well as when the relevant legal regulations for the provision of information change, but at least once a year.
  • 2. Debtors data disclosure

    1. Only debts owed by legal persons can be published on the Okredo platform.

    2. The manager of a company wishing to publish debtors' data on the Okredo platform must identify himself electronically or concluding a written agreement.

    3. It is forbidden for non-identified persons to disclose debtors' data on the Okredo platform.

    4. A company (hereinafter referred to as the "Creditor") wishing to disclose debtors' data on the Okredo Platform shall ensure that disclosed data is correct. That means, the debt data is not the subject of any litigation and, if necessary, can be confirmed by documents proving the existence of the debt.

    5. In the event of a dispute or claim, the owner of the Okredo platform, Okredo UAB ( hereinafter referred to as "Okredo"), shall be entitled to request the Creditor to provide documents proving the fact of the debt within a reasonable period of time.

    6. Okredo accepts no liability for the disclosure of debt information on the Okredo platform that does not correspond to the truth of the information on arrears.

    7. The creditor shall disclose data on its debtors in accordance with the standard procedures approved by Okredo.

    8. The scope of disclosed debtor's data shall include: the name and company code of the debtor company, the dates on which the debt has occurred and was paid, the amount and type of debt.

    9. If Okredo changes its debtor disclosure procedures, Okredo shall announce the changes to the debtor disclosure procedures on the platform.

    10. The Creditor who has disclosed the data on Okredo's platform shall be fully liable for any damages suffered by a third party as a result of the Creditor's provision of inaccurate and/or incorrect information on Okredo's platform, or the Creditor's failure to notify Okredo in time of the necessity to delete the data on Okredo's platform.

    11. Okredo has the right to use the disclosed debt data in its commercial activities.

    12. The Creditor shall ensure that it updates debtors' data in a fair and timely manner.

    13. The Creditor undertakes to respond to Okredo's enquiries regarding the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of the data provided in connection with a request or complaint from a person registered on Okredo's platform within 5 (five) business days. If the Creditor fails to respond within the specified time limit, it may result the suspension of the processing of the disputed data, except for storage, until the data are completed or corrected.

    3. Final provisions

  • Users and visitors who do not agree with these Rules must close the Okredo and not use the services/information provided by Okredo. Persons using the services/information provided by Okredo are presumed to agree to these Rules and act according to them.
  • The rules were approved on October 5, 2020.
  • In any questions on data quality, updates, and other questions, please contact us [email protected].
  • All requests, suggestions, complaints, notifications are accepted by [email protected].