Business linkages

Business linkages are new opportunities for your business. Relationships between managers, shareholders, and board members, links with other companies - like an open book for you.

Shows business relationships
Learn more about your business partner or client - who owns the company, what business experience of managers or founders is, how many companies they run.
Reveals business experience
Find out the business history behind your partners - whether they are young entrepreneurs or experienced business lions.
Shows potential
Small businesses are not necessarily small business partners. Maybe your new partner is a part of the group of companies - check and evaluate the potential business development opportunities.
Identifies risks
Use business linkages as a risk assessment tool - not only the solvency of the company is important, but also the business history of its managers and owners. Identify “phoenixes” or corporate “farms” and make the right decisions.

Why it is usefull?

Know your business partners
You get detailed information about your business partners, their experience and business history.
Your desicions are data based
You make decisions only based on important and newest data.
You control the situation
By knowing the details behind business relations, you can foresee the right solutions, control the situation, and be able to proactively respond to it.
You take a moderate risk
With the newest and accurate business linkages data, you will identify and take only the risks that will allow your business to continue growing successfully.
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