Financial reports

Company's financial data from an official and reliable data source - just one step and you have it.

Financial history of the company
The company's financial statements (profit (loss) account, balance sheet, and cash flow statement (if presented by the company)) show how management of the company manages financial resources and assets, help to predict future prospects of the company.
Compare financial ratios
Compare how well similar companies are doing, what are their financial ratios, what are the trends. This will help you understand the status and future prospects of your own company, your business partner or competitor.
Convenient format
Download and save reports in a convenient format, share with colleagues, and analyze them together.

Why it is usefull?

Know your busines partners
Get to know your partners more closely, know what their financial situation is, how they have fared in the past and what their future prospects are.
Make data based decisions
Financial data will help you to understand what reserves the company has accumulated, from what funds it develops the business and to offer the best terms of cooperation to both parties.
You control the situation
Knowing the financial capacity of a business partner enables you to plan your activity and business development more effectively.
You take a moderate risk
To avoid unexpected financial difficulties - assess not only the financial capacity of business partners but also the financial capacity of your company as well.
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