Notifications about changes in your partners or custumers business comes as morning news, increased sales comes just on time for business lunch. This service will help to monitor and react not only to increasing business risks, but also to a possible growth of sales.


Select companies for monitoring

Choose those customers or business partners whose changes might have the biggest impact on your own business. Monitor both - high-risk and companies with great potential. This will allow you not only to mitigate your credit risk but also to increase your growth.


Select criteria

You can choose to monitor only those changes that are most important to you: new lawsuits, changing the number of employees, new restrictions on the property, or debts to other creditors. You can choose from more than 30 different criteria: statistics, legal, financial, and credit risk data.


Automatic notifications

Whenever the changes happen in companies you monitor, the risk increases or decreases - you will receive detailed notifications about the changes by email the next day. More detailed data for your analysis you will find on your account.


Manage your service options

On your OKREDO account, you can change the list of companies or criteria for monitoring whenever you need without limitations.

Why it is usefull?

Saves your time

Monitoring service saves not only your money, but also time. Daily we will collect and deliver you the newest information from official and reliable sources in most convenient way for you.

Identifies customer growth

Leverage your customers' growth to increase your sales potential. The success of your customers can help to grow your business as well.

Decreases your losses

By constantly monitoring your clients' portfolio and responding to changes in a timely manner, you will not only reduce risks but also maintain a healthy balance in your business.

Speeds you up

Be the first to see and assess changes in your customer - positive or negative. This is the competitive advantage and success of your business.
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